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↻ about

"Devout apparitions would say
they're horrid nonetheless."

my name is rudy! you can also call me hal!

i'm a dude; he/him works for me! i was born on august 13th and am interested in personality quizzes and astrology. i am both leo and a ISTP. i'm also a leo sun and pisces moon. i relate more to gemini traits/stuff/etc than leo traits/whatever tho. i like very (childish and overused things) like undertale/deltarune, homestuck, hiveswap, wings of fire, mlp, danganronpa, etc. (mostly normie stuff. i still like it, though) my main interests at the moment are undertale, deltarune and MLP:FiM, so you might see stuff from those around my site. my current fursona is octavian. he's just tagora gorjek in horse form. this picture is his regular form and his mlp based form bc yknow.. horses. unicorns. other than all that: i'm not an asshole. please dont think i'm an asshole. i may be stupid, but atleast i'm not an asshole.

i tend to speak my mind about things and people, unless i happen to be chickenshit that particular day. i try not to overstep my boundries in certain things/get into peoples buisness/etc. i would appreciate if i ever say anything out of line/gross/offensive or nosy to please let me know. otherwise, i'm a somewhat honest person and i am always looking to make new pals.......... hit me up potential buddies.

i am autistic (AD, aspergers. it explains a lot.) and have schizoaffective disorder. i have also always had an interest in computers and music. i also have a few long time interests and tend to stick with one interest for a long time, usually getting bored of it sometime later and not ever getting too interested again. i also usually tend to do things in particular order, like black and white layouts. it helps my eyes and makes things easy to see. similar layouts also help me stay organized and in track of my thoughts. my favorite colors are purple and yellow, and i'd like to have a layout on this site with those colors someday.

i am also interested in different types of cultures and countries other than my own, and have always wanted to visit Norway, Russia, Italy or Germany. i'm also in the progress of teaching myself a new language. i'll probably make a page about that here it is.

i have been on neocities since about middle-to-late 2017.

"Once more, their heads are caving in
There's a window that jarred on their conscience."

↻ personality stuff

some of this was already listed, but its cool so it deserves it's own section.

leo sun + pisces moon; i'm also an istp

for leo signs, i am a page of space, aka LEGO sign (sign of the nomad). i also retook the test and got LERA (sign of the chameleon) (mind sign; prospit) so i'm not sure about which one to go by. for my gemini sign (since i rel8 more to those traits n shit. also just in general) im GEMRA, sign of the pilot and a page of mind as well. government assigned azdaja kinnie

star + strength tarot card(s)

r-drive (6 highest ones): Unconventional, Stoicism, Empiricism, Intellect, Hedonism, Romanticism

personality disorder test, top 3 (kind of crude and Eh. but yknow. i gotta do it. its pretty accurate though): avoidant, borderline, paranoid

thanks to the suggestion of spacemako, heres my enneagram: 6w5 (the six and the five are different links!)

↻ trivia


"Once more, they've left remembering
To the people who picked up their arms and legs
And carried on."

↻ games i've played (yeah. you heard that right. im a Gamer)

regular games: scott pilgrim vs the word, tattletail, undertale, hotline miami, detective pikachu, star fox (forgot which one), minecraft, pkmn sun+moon, kirby battle royale, super smash bros for 3DS, animal crossing new leaf, nitw (for like. an hour.), several mario games, pkmn ultra moon, pkmn sapphire, minecraft (3ds), that one ds adventure time game

mmos/desktop/online games: transformice, animal jam, animal jam play wild, club penguin, moshi monsters, toontown/toontown rewritten, like 2 seconds of world of warcraft. maybe it was league of legends.

talk to me about any of these if you want.. gamers gotta stick together. yeehaw.

"They pulled apart their own ego at the seams,
and spilled their organs everywhere.
Caught in polarized degrees,
they may decay again, so beware."

↻ site info + other things

beetletee has gone through 2 versions over the past few months, with the first (being a different site, but the first one i had) called voidz. my friend helped me by making + writing that site, and after they gave me the reigns i taught myself how to code/write HTML.

after i deleted voidz, i made basedmontreal. basedmontreal was hosted on this neocities account and was later changed to beetletee after a long summer hiatus. it had really crappy markup/coding so i had to completely redo it. here we are i guess! otherwise i dont know where the name beetletee came from or why it popped up in my mind, but i liked it so i used it. i might make another neocities called basedmontreal eventually, its a cool name

i have several plans for this site, including hosting a (possible) comic. a few unrelated pages will be added eventually, too. flowers will most likely be a topic i'll write about, since i (somewhat) enjoy gardening and flowers themselves.

"These are people too backwards to die out.
They may never escape from the rise, now.
They may never come back."

↻ contact

guestbook / CC
send me digital snail mail
have a neocities? just comment on my site then you funky little internet surfer

commoner places:
my derpibooru account! just art stuff there mostly
ask for any other websites if you want em'

storenvy. my wishlist. I Need Money
duolingo account. see my Epic Fails.
⭑ i have a fangamer account too but they dont let you have profiles so i'll just die then

thanks for checkin out this long ass page.... mwah
song lyrics between paragraphs are from "Those who carried on" by GHOST

ed doesn't have a button but go check out his website while your at it. :)