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i am in no way a professional artist but i like drawing so... here we are, fellas

recent art. click for full view, hover over the preview for comments/notes

all of these are done with a mouse on either mspaint, make8bitart.com or sketchpad.

mini comics

short comics with personal character or fandom related ones. most of em' will be song based (lyric comics, perhaps?) coming soon fellas

Oh Bubblegum - Coming soon!

marvus and percy related, probably. will touch on their romance. gonna use this song

My Life - soon.

gonna be with jake and someone else?? i'll use this song

old art

some are from sketchpad while most are from mspaint. i hate all of these (some more than the others) so i'm not gonna show the ones i hate the most. this stuff used to be on basedmontreal so you've probably seen it if you've been here long enough

art made for me

art for me! hover the image for credit (i'll list the artists name/url/etc. i might not always have the artists name so just. be wary.) and click for the full image!

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