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velkommen, hei, and salutations to my webpage, website, homepage, etc., otherwise known as beetletee. do you enjoy pointless rambling about a wide range of topics that don't concern you/you don't care about/you don't know about? do you fancy black and white "minimalist" layouts? do you want to learn from terrible, crappy coding? are you less prone to click off a webpage after seeing a video game, for example, that you and a million other people know about and love? are you looking to meet a new person over the Inter-Webs? then this site is for you!

hasta la vista, baby! ha det!


update 4/28/19: happy birthday komaeda! anyways hi everybody, beetletee here again. putting this here so it's easily seen/accessable. anyways, i'm back again after a hiatus, so expect more updates from me! i can't access neocities directly from my school pc so updates will be slower than previously, but i'll still be active. i also have summer coming up, so i'll have more time to update, etc., etc. i'm probably going to change most of the site, incorporate Octavian as a mascot, and create new buttons eventually. if you have any suggestions for this site lmk! glad to be back!

ed doesn't have a button but go check out his website while your at it. :)