NAME: Octavian P. Osborne
SPECIES: Unicorn; Can use his horn when needed. When in pony form, he can use his horn whenever.
OUTFIT: Pale/dark yellow-ish vest with black buttons; yellow undershirt; black/gray bow tie; pale/dark yellow-ish and black striped shorts (also can be extended to be pants; sometimes wears glasses and/or black shoes as well. Wears a shirt that says "CLIPART MURDER" with a picture of a clipart cat on it around his house. Sometimes wears whatever is around the house on his off days/weekends.
RELATED SONG(s)/SONGS THAT SUIT HIM: Tagora's Theme - Hiveswap Friendsim, The Unicorns - I was born a unicorn, Charger (ft. Grace Jones) - Gorillaz, Aha! - Pentatonix, Copycat - GUMI English

Octavian (commonly mistakenly called Sebastian and/or Octavia) is a young adult unicorn. Not much is known about his background, since he tends to keep it a secret. He enjoys classical music, romance novels, black coffee, and meatloaf. He is studying to be a lawyer. He is very sketchy when doing business and usually charges more than necessary for his skills, and can manipulate others to pay him more or do his work for him. Although it's rare, he is willing to do so when it's a large benefit for him. He usually keeps a grin on his face when dealing with people he doesn't know well/clients. He can also move fast and is quite flexible.

Octavian is infamous for his snobbish, crude attitude towards people. He tends to be quite sarcastic and rude to people he doesn't trust, going as far as calling them moronic or an idiot. Octavian outwardly shows a large superiority complex, and (supposedly) a narcissistic perspective. It is unknown if he acts like this to substitute for negative feelings. He also has a hard time making friends.

He currently lives with both K.C. and Oswald. He is currently unable to afford his own apartment. He has a loveā€“hate friendship with K.C., and they both fight alot. His feelings towards Oswald are currently fluctuating, but they both seem to have a somewhat stable friendship (in Octavian's eyes), regardless of plenty of tension around them when they are around each other.

- Octavian has a pony form (unicorn).
- His fur and hoof colors are #B0A08C, #FFE062, #FFFD9A, #FCFDFC, #FFF213, and #393A3C.
- He'll probably end up being my fursona. He already is, basically.

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i plan on animating a few seconds of him moving with a bit of lip syncing? its a long goal and it might take a few months since i'm not an animator at all. traditional art of him as been done and will be uploaded eventually when i can get it scanned.