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a page for sites i like/frequently visit/have cool content! updated whenever.

cool people on Neo City's (no specific order!)

teamusa - cool website with awesome art and ocs!

more coming soon. this part is a w.i.p.

other sites. might be called something else later.

Derpibooru - an MLP:FiM imageboard! i spend a LOT of my time there. the community is friendly (somewhat), they have a very detailed tagging system, and the staff are awesome. they also have a badge feature. i hope to get more badges and possibly become a mod one day. warning for lots of nfsw, but if you have an accont you can filter it. (i have a filter for it. i usually just fave/look at sfw, cute stuff.) check out my account if you'd like! i upload my art there.
Duolingo - a site that helps you learn languages! it's completely free, although you have to have an account. there are minimal ads. it's very fun and interactive. they have tons of languages, along with a few fictional ones from movies/tv/books.
venganza.org - :-)
w3schools - i think everyone knows what this is at this point but. HTML help site. very useful for beginners (and even those who arent!)
cooltext - logo maker/text maker i used to use.
Poppy O' Possum - really cool webcomic! i'm in the process of re-reading it.