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im learning how to use photoshop so i'll post the things i've done here. click on previews for full images; from first to last


my first simple text test at home (i made my very first photoshop experiment in class at school, but i don't want to show it.) nothing too special.


this was my second project (appears also above on the header image). i wanted to try duplicating a part of an image and making it shiny. not my favorite one, but good for a beginning.

god left me unfinished

(third project/experiment) i wanted to give this guy huge fangs but i couldn't figure out how so i just messed around until i made him gray-ish colored. i used the sponge tool i think...??

wings of fire recolor

this was my last created experiment as of tues. nov 27th. as the title states, i used the color replacement tool to recolor the dragons yellow color with a red palette. it's sloppy (which is understandable since it's my first time and a test) and i definitely think i should have used the quick selection tool instead of doing it by hand. sorry for spoilers wof fans.


back atcha with more photoshop shit. anyway i downloaded a random coloring page outline and tried to color it in using the magic wand tool. not the best but still useful

Horse 2.0

i wanted to try recoloring a horse. thats it.

shinin' when i'm alone...

re-coloring wof covers is really fun. this time i used the magic wand tool as well as the basic selection tool and it turned out a lot better than the last so... epic. swagtastic. if you zoom in realllly close you can still see a little yellow from the original color on the dragon but it's hardly noticable with the naked eye.