i wanted to make a page to log updates/things i did to the site. i might also add a list of things i plan on doing! these boxes can scroll; they use the same format as my journal page. from oldest to newest, usually. let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions/questions!

site updates (in no particular order list-wise)

jan 25.

- made a .txt file with plans for my OCS.

jan 22.

- a bunch of stuff. i dunno.
- i don't have the energy to keep up with this

jan 18.

- did a (small) journal entry. i might add to it.
- updated /illness.html
- updated my about page a bit

jan 17.

- wrote a journal entry
- edited the homepage. new layout. might change it
- added some arts to the art page
- finally got around to changing the song of the month. one for january is there now
- uhhh. idk wat else i did. perhaps nothing. *whips*

jan 16.

- wrote a journal entry
- edited the homepage? i think? perhaps
- reformatted my about page, added a picture to describe me, added some edgy lyrics. all that jazz
- if there was anything else i did i forgot lmao

jan 7/8.

- added a teensy bit of info on octavians page. it's not up yet officially anyways
- redid the whole journal thing. added pages for each year instead of each month because its easier.

dec 21.

- added a few more titles on the art page
- re-doing octavians oc page and the oc index

dec 20.

- got off my ass and moved the illness page from patchouli to here. i manually updated the "illness research" link on every page that has it. yeehaw.

dec 19.

- added an interests page. im just gonna talk about shit probably or maybe not. it might just be a wip forever at this point
- added the interests page link to alotta different pages. it sucks having to manually update every page but i cant use neotool or anything so rest in peace @ me
- i might do a journal entry idk at this point? i'll do that tomorrow. i might move the illness page from patchouli too if i have time

dec 18.

- added siteupd8s link to every page
- made this page
- added net neut. banner on /home.html
- changed some wording on /home.html
- updated /index.html to have an Edgy Quote for the link into the main part of the site
- created banner for this page; uploaded it

dec 17.

- wrote a new journal entry
- i'm pretty sure that was it? i also uploaded a few pics of Edolon for the dec 17th entry

future updates

i'll remove or make a "complete updates" section for the ones listed here when i finish them.

- re-do + finish the oc page. this is a burden but also a necessity.
- re-do about page some day; it's cluttered Really bad
- move my music page and illness stuff from patchouli to this site. i'll do that soon (and i'll add some new info as well). i probably will stop doing the music reviews as i'm not too good at it
- make a page talking about my toriel plush/documenting her adventures 'cause i love her

i give any of you with a neocities profile permission to bug me about this stuff. also applies to people who have me added on Disc Kord.

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